Size Charts

PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE CHART WITH EACH PRODUCT – and the description for hints on fit.  We will let you know if an item is a generally smaller or larger fit and whether you should consider a bigger or smaller size than normal.  


Real Blokes know that there is no Standard size.

There is no One Size Fits All – if you are bigger than a Medium.

What one manufacturer calls a 2XL another might call a 5XL

If you have a bit of a Keg out front – you need enough shirt to cover this.

And if you are over 180cm tall its a real hit and miss.

We choose our products to ensure they fit Real Blokes – most lines go to at least a 5XL and many up to 9XL, and a few more up to 14XL. We know that certain brands have a generous margin for fit.  There is no point in a shirt that is wide enough at the shoulders but looks like a tent on the rest of your torso or the shorts that are working for your waist but you can’t sit down in without a major wedgie.

The important thing for you to know is that we will work with you until we get you the right size.

If what you order does not fit – we will immediately refund or exchange.

We have had customers that had to make three changes in size to get it right – it can mean a little extra for postage and some extra time to get it right but we think it is important that you are very happy with your purchase from us.

We can chat with you via phone or email if you have any questions – but the first question we will probably ask you is “Have you got a measuring tape?” Second one will probably be “Have you got a favourite Brand that fits?”

From the orders and enquiries we get, we are getting ready to manufacture a line of clothes that are ideal for All Aussie Blokes offering Quality, Value and Fit that you can rely on.