Waterproof Tech Jacket




Waterproof Tech Jacket

Waterproof Tech Jacket

Ideal for those winter days at the Footy – Lined for extra warmth and waterproofing  but still lightweight and comfortable

A quality jacket with years of life in it  – a little longer and very generous dimensions


  • PU coated 100% polyester pongee textured shell fabric
  • Water proof to 6000mm rating, fully seam sealed
  • Body fully lined with microfleece for warmth
  • Sleeve lined with Taffeta
  • Full zip front placket with hood
  • 2 spacious front pockets with zip closure and water shed cover
  • Sleeve opening with hook pile tape closure for easy adjustment

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Waterproof Tech Jacket Sizing

What Does Waterproof Mean?

Defining “waterproof” is simple, but the concept is more complicated. Currently, there is no established industry standard to classify a device as waterproof. The closest thing currently available, as far as a rating scale is concerned, is the Ingress Protection Rating scale (or IP Code). The IP Code assigns items a rating from 0-8 in terms of how effective the device is at keeping water from entering into it, a process called the ingress of water. Obviously, there is one major flaw in this rating system: What about companies, like us here at HZO who are not concerned about keeping water out of a device in order to save it from water damage? Our coatings allow water inside devices, but the waterproof material we coat the devices with protects them from any possibility of water damage. HZO’s services have a different intention than the effect the IP scale can measure. Still, our coatings help you protect your electronic devices from water damage.

Companies take a measured risk when labeling a product as waterproof. Most consumers assume that waterproof is a permanent condition. Still, devices exposed to “waterproofing” can face water damage in certain situations.

Using the term waterproof can also be considered a risky move for many companies. This is because the term waterproof usually communicates the idea that this is a permanent condition, and that whatever has been ‘waterproofed’ will never fail due to contact with water–no matter the situation.

With all the controversy surrounding the correct use and end results associated with these terms, it’s no wonder that many people use them incorrectly. It’s also not surprising that the products labeled as water-resistant, water-repellent, or waterproof are often misrepresented due to incorrect labeling. With how far technology has come since these terms were first being used, the words themselves almost need new definitions. We also need a standard to measure a device’s waterproof qualities and represent the possibilities and kinds of technology like HZO that are commercialized and available to device makers now. The power of nano coatings and parylene coatings can’t be measured by this outdated scale. This standardized testing would allow HZO to compare themselves to companies that prevent the penetration of water using waterproof fabric, waterproof designing, and conformal coatings processes.

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