Tradie 3Pack Fitted Trunks – Hardworking Value




Tradie 3Pack Fitted Trunks

Tradie 3Pack Fitted Trunks

• Extreme Comfort
• Fully Lined Pouch
• Cotton Stretch that moves with you
• Cotton / Elastane

You may need a singlet or two to go with that – Tradies Singlets to 2XL 

Tradies Mens Size Charts
Tradies Mens Size Charts














Tradie Underwear is made for hard working Tradies; extra comfortable and designed to enhance your rugged good looks. Everybody knows – Ladies Love Tradies – and they’ll love you even more in a pair of Tradie Underwear. Our underwear is designed specifically with Tradies in mind, ensuring there’s plenty of room to move, comfort and durability. The fitted trunk is original Ultimate Toolbox!

Tradies are an Aussie icon; they’re smarter, tougher and better looking than those espresso drinking white collar workers. They represent the best that it is to be an Australian and take pride in producing workwear that is worthy of the workers of the world. Tradie workwear is sure to be the most comfortable, highest quality and best looking gear you can buy.

Tradie 3Pack Fitted Trunks – Hardworking Value


How many Aussies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Three. One to hold the bulb and two to turn the ladder.

Want to hear a joke about the construction industry in Australia?
Too bad, they’re still working on it.

Hard-working tradies are doing a solid job throughout Australia, so much so that they have a lot to be proud about. But that pride can often lead them to pointing out their good work — over and over again.


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