Tie Dye Hoodies – Fun to 7XL


Tie Dye Hoodies –  Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt. Great Colours and Quality Fabrics to Size Small to 7XL- Have a Happy Hippy Winter- Strong Colours that don’t wash out. Very Groovy- Please allow 20 days for despatch 



Tie Dye Hoodies

Tie Dye Hoodies –  Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt. Great Colours and Quality Fabrics to Size 7XL


This throwback look is colourful and comfortable. Hippy Gear is back in Fashion

This sweatshirt is created with a prepared-for-dye blank and hand dyed for a vibrant look.

  • 220 GSM,
  • 78%/22% – Cotton/Poly Fleece

The tie-dye process infuses each garment with unique character. Please allow for slight colour variation.

Tie Dye Hoodie Size Charts





*****Please note – Allow 20 days for despatch *****  Worth the Wait though

Tie Dye Hoodies for Winter and Tie Dye Tees for Summer 

These shirts are made for the US Market and so will be labelled different

Buy your size according to the label

We consider the US 4XL as equivalent to a 7XL

Check your size by measuring a shirt that fits well now – Lay the shirt flat on a table and measure across the front about 2cm under the sleeves – this gives you the Half chest measurement


Instructions on Tie-Dyeing Your Own from Cosmopolitan magazine – Heaps easier to buy this one that is ready to go

How to Tie-Dye Legit Anything in Your Closet

You have the time, let’s be real.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering if last summer’s tie-dye craze will be around through this summer and beyond (so you don’t, like, ruin a perfectly good plain white tee), you’ll be happy to hear it is very much still going to be A Thing throughout 2020. Aaand if you’re the kind of person who’s worried about screwing up a DIY proj, have no fear. I tested these tips and got a cute new tie-dye sweatsuit out of it, so you should def be able to do it too.

Quick final note: Wear something you don’t mind getting stained…you’ve been warned.

1. Round up everything you’ll need.

Most craft stores or big retailers like A.C. Moore, Michaels, and Target sell tie-dye kits that include all the materials you’ll need, but chances are you have most of them lying around your house anyway.

  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubber bands or hair ties
  • Plastic spray bottles or squeeze bottles
  • Dye or bleach
  • The item(s) you want to tie-dye

If you don’t have a squeeze bottle, fret not. Just poke a small hole in your dye bottle with a pencil and violà, you’re good to go!

2. Prepare your ~space~.

Grab an old sheet or towel, the clothing or fabric you want to dye, and take all of your supplies outside or to the garage. If you’re doing this inside your home, you can use a plastic bin, your tub, or shower or lay down a garbage bag to protect whatever surface you plan to use as your work area.

3. Decide on your dye design.

Every tie-dyed item is uNiQuE, and there are so many different patterns you can create. These are a few of the most common to try out.


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Pull the shirt from the centre area (or wherever you want the spiral to be).
  2. Twist in one direction so the entire material is knotted tightly in a circular form.
  3. Use rubber bands to secure the shape. If you want to do a rainbow, you can use more rubber bands to create six sections (like pie pieces) for each different colour.
  4. Dye sections with your chosen colours.
Had enough???? Buy this one or read the full article at https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/a32146508/how-to-tie-dye-diy/

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Rainbow, Royal, Kelly, Black, Purple, Navy, Pink, Turquoise, Neon



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