Terry Bath Robe – Fits up to 5XL


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Terry Bath Robe

Terry Bath Robe – 100% Cotton – White Only

One size fits all – we have seen this robe worn comfortably by a Bloke who was 6′ 2″ and about 120kg – normally wearing a 5XL +

These are the same quality robes you may be offered in a 5 Star Resort – you will be looking like a Movie Star

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Some info about Bathrobes from Wikipedia 

bathrobe, also known as a housecoat, is a robe, a loose-fitting outer garment, worn by either men or women. Bathrobes may sometimes be worn after a body wash or around a pool.

A bathrobe is a dressing gown made from towelling or other absorbent fabric and may be donned while the wearer’s body is wet, serving both as a towel and a body covering when there is no immediate need to fully dress.

Styles of fabrics

Bathrobes are generally made of four different fabrics:[1]

  • Cotton: Cotton is a natural fibre consisting primarily of cellulose and is one of the most commonly used fibres in textile manufacturing. Due to the hydrophilic nature of cellulose, cotton absorbs water easily and is frequently used by the beach, pool, or following a shower. Cotton robes are especially suited to use in hot climates because cotton tends to absorb perspiration.
  • Silk: Silk dressing gowns are popular because of their look and feel, but can be relatively expensive. Silk robes are very thin and lightweight, and are not particularly suited to wet situations because they lack the surface area and polarity necessary to absorb water.[2] However, silk dressing gowns are the traditional choice, since they are not worn after bathing.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is an extremely fine synthetic fiber, typically made of cellulose or polyester, that can be woven into textiles to mimic natural-fiber cloth. Modern microfibers are developed to maximize breathability and water absorption and can be thinner than the width of human hair. Much like silk, robes made out of microfiber are light in weight and are very soft to the touch. Microfiber is flammable.
  • Wool: Wool bathrobes are common in colder climates.
  • Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic fibre occasionally used in inexpensive dressing gowns. It is valued for its ability to be cleaned easily.

Terry Bath Robe