Ritemate Light Cargo Trousers




Ritemate Light Cargo Trousers

Ritemate Light Cargo Trousers

Even if you have to work in the Summer heat – you can keep cooler in these little 100% Cotton beauties

Meet all the standards but look great on the way to work – easy care so doesn’t matter when you have to do the dirty work

Stylish look without the price of the latest ‘fashion’ workwear  -the young subbies on site will want to know where you got them

Inverted pockets look cool and one is zippered to keep your phone from falling out – Nice!!!

Reinforcing and cool vents at the knee for extra movement and durability and coolness

Unisex styling – just right for the Tradie Ladies and small sizes to suit the young fellas

Wear them with a TwoTone HiVis Shirt   – Work wear sorted!!

Ritemate Cargos Size Chart
Ritemate Cargos Size Chart




Light weight 8080 unisex cargo trouser
Mens size – 67R – 112R, 87S – 127S, 79L – 94L
Ladies size – 6 – 24
Colour – Black, Khaki, Navy
Weight – Light weight – 190gsm
• Premium quality mercerized, double pre-shrunk, 100% cotton drill
• Superior garment assembly, twin needle stitching and bar tacks for extra strength
• Soft handle garment wash
• Streamline inverted pockets
• Market Leading YKK Zippers
• Designed for comfort and style
• UPF 50+ meets Australian standard AS/NZS 4399:2017
• (Mens size 67 in Navy only)
• (Ladies size 6 in Navy only)


One manager was bragging to another. “I have a great new electrician working for me. Last week I gave him a project and he stayed up for 4 straight days, completed the circuit board design, finished the bill of materials, and everything was perfect. Monday morning the client called and was thrilled with the results.”

His friend asked, “So how far ahead of schedule did he finish?”

The manager said, “Ahead of schedule? Who ever heard of an electrician finishing ahead of schedule?”

A father was show­ing a new co-worker a pic­ture of his five sons. His friend asked What they did for a liv­ing. The father said the older two are doc­tors and the youngest two are lawyers. The friend asked about the mid­dle son and the father said, “Oh, he’s a plumber. Some­one had to pay for all the oth­ers’ edu­ca­tion

Two Carpenters

Two carpenters were working on a house. One older one and one newer to the job. They were both working on one side of the house. After a few hours of working the older guy noticed the young guy looking at every nail, then dropping about half. The older one exclaimed about this and asked. “Why are you wasting those perfectly good nails?” the second guy answered
“They’re facing the wrong direction!”
“You idiot!” The older man exclaimed. “They’re for the other side of the house!”

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Black, Khaki, Navy


67R, 72R, 77R, 82R, 87R, 92R, 97R, 102R, 107R, 112R, 87S, 92S, 97S, 102S, 107S, 112S, 117S, 122S, 127S, 79L, 84L, 89L, 94L