Reflective Tape – 3M Scotchlite


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Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape– 3M – Sew your own compliance – hard for the Big Fellas to find a reflective striped shirt – We have the shirt and trousers that fit too

Sold by the metre – so when you are measuring – make sure you include back and front and shoulders too if required.

  •  3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape #8910 size 50mm
    •3M Scotchlite Reflective Material is designed for enhancing visibility in low light and nighttime conditions
    •Certified to various global high visibility standards such as ANSI/ISEA 107
    •Backside printed for authentication
    •Sew-on application
    •1 UNIT = 1 METRE

Hand-wash or machine-wash on your washer’s “delicates” cycle with a mild detergent. Don’t use fabric softener or bleach.

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Retro Reflective Tape Definition

Retro reflective tape is defined as a film that through the use of glass spheres or man made prisms, reflects light or radiation back to its source. Glass bead tapes reflect using microscopic glass beads that act as parabolas and direct light back to where it came from. Prismatic tapes use man made prisms or mirrors to collect light and send it back to its source. When a transparent colour is applied to the surface of either tape the light that is reflected is coloured.


Reflective and Retro-Reflective surfaces are often confused with each other. A surface that is Retro-reflective is always reflective but a surface that is reflective is not always retro-reflective. For example, a mirror is reflective but not retro-reflective.

(Note – retro-reflective tape is normally shortened to simply “reflective tape”.)

One of the most important features of the tape is its ability to collect light, change the colour of that light and send it back to its source. That is why stops signs are visible at night in a red colour. Yield signs are visible at night in a yellow colour. And so on. Without this feature, night time driving would be different than it is now.

The types and colours of reflective tapes are mind boggling. The huge variety of applications are what create the need for all the different intensities, types and colours. For example, trucks need a bright red and white alternating dot tape that can be seen from thousands of feet away. Life vests need a super bright white tape that can be seen from even farther away. The life vest needs a sewable tape whereas the truck does not. Stop signs in neighbourhoods can basic affordable reflective tape that uses glass beads for reflectivity. However, street signs on interstates need a more expensive prismatic film. Distance is what dictates this necessity.

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