Paperbark Cargo Shorts to 7XL


We know a Bloke – The Aussie Bloke is 6’4″ and 125kg – he wears 6XL because he has tree trunk thighs – waist and crutch length is good in 5XL but needs a bit more room for the tree trunks

If in doubt – go up a size – Casual comfort is the way to go!


Paperbark Cargo Shorts

Paperbark Cargo Shorts

NEW COLOURS BLACK & JARRAH & DENIM- Daggy photo there for now with some better ones due soon – Black is Black – Jarrah is a whiskey brown colour, Denim is denim material  

Cotton Cargo Shorts to 7XL

5 Pockets – with Velcro close

Elastic Waistband and a draw cord and belt loops – what more could a Bloke need?  A zippered fly – Check

Lots of comfort – all there

These have sold like Hotcakes in Store – most Blokes get them in every colour

Perfect on the Weekend with a Pocket Polo 

















Paperbark via Wikipedia 

In Australia, Melaleuca quinquenervia occurs along the east coast, from Cape York in Queensland to Botany Bay in New South Wales. It grows in seasonally inundated plains and swamps, along estuary margins and is often the dominant species. In the Sydney region it grows alongside trees such as swamp mahogany (Eucalyptus robusta) and bangalay (E. botryoides). It grows in silty or swampy soil and plants have grown in acid soil of pH as low as 2.5.[12]

Broad-leaved paperbark is also native in the southern part of Indonesian West Papua and Papua New Guinea. It is widespread in New Caledonia, including Grand TerreBelepIsle of Pines and Maré.[11] It is a component of the savannah of western New Caledonia, scattered trees dotting the grassland habitat and its spread through this landscape might have been facilitated by human fire regimes.[13] Major threats to M. quinquenervia are housing developments, roads, sugar cane and pine plantations. Remnants in Australia are not protected in reserves, with majority of its woodland located in private property where clearing continues.[14]

Melaleuca quinquenervia has been introduced as an ornamental plant to many tropical areas of the world, including Southeast AsiaAfrica and the Americas and has become a weed in many areas.[15]


It’s easy to recognise a paperbark – apart from multiple stamens which make up the flowers, the leaves often contain aromatic oils, like the distinctive tea tree oil.



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Bark, Navy, Sand, Black, Jarrah, Denim


32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50

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