Long Sleeve Cool Polo to 5XL


Long Sleeve Cool Polo

Great alternative to the Fishing Shirts out there or a Winter Uniform for the team – with sizes for everyone 3XS to 5XL



Long Sleeve Cool Polo

Long Sleeve Cool Polo

Great alternative to the Fishing Shirts out there or a Winter Uniform for the team – with sizes for everyone 3XS to 5XL

Team them with some Pilbara Stretch Jeans 



  • 100% polyester for durability
  • Jacquard knit 160gsm for increased breathability
  • Moisture wicking fabric designed to help keep you cool and dry
  • 2 button placket
  • Rib sleeve cuff
  • Dual colour body panel in mesh fabric
Long Sleeve Cool Polo Sizing
Long Sleeve Cool Polo Sizing














How Sweat-Wicking Clothing Actually Works

Sweat-wicking clothes aim to take the moisture from your skin, disperse it onto the surface of the fabric, and allow it to evaporate into the air, Tempesta said. And the more the moisture disperses, the quicker it will evaporate. Because the sweat evaporates into the air, the clothes are able to dry more quickly than fabrics like cotton that absorb moisture.

If you’ve ever been stuck in sweaty clothes after a workout, you know how uncomfortable it can be. But there are other factors that explain why some athletes favor clothing that promises to soak up sweat. In order to perform at their peak, athletes must be able to maintain and regulate their body temperature internally. Cold, wet clothes can be a hindrance.

“Moisture-wicking fabric is a much better choice for professional athletes,” says Nikola Djordjevic, a Belgrade-based physician who works with pro athletes, “According to one NCBI study, athletes who wore moisture-wicking fabric were able to preserve their bodies’ temperature, especially in the high heat. This was achieved thanks to better ventilation and evaporation during intense training.”

For most of us, though, the subtle performance enhancement that sweat-wicking clothes offer won’t make much of a difference. “Sweat is very important because it helps regulate body temperature and keeps us from overheating,” said Heather Summe, a dermatologist and assistant professor of dermatology at Hofstra’s School of Medicine in New York. “When we wear fabric that readily absorbs and retains this moisture, it not only makes it more difficult for our bodies to regulate temperature but it can lead to maceration, or breakdown, of the skin.” She told me that these articles of clothing can also encourage secondary overgrowth of yeast and bacteria.

Everyone’s skin is different, though. Some people simply glow when they work out while others sweat buckets of body juice (“up to three liters of sweat in an hour,” Summe said). So weigh the risks and potential benefits of sweat-wicking clothing and do what you will with them. If you do sweat profusely, either way, you’ll want to get the hell out of your gym clothes ASAP when you’re done working out.

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