Kangaroo Pocket Hoody Full Zip All Sizes


Kangaroo Pocket Hoody Full Zip Mens, Ladies and Kids Sizes – 20 Colours – Sizes for all the Family Mens S – 5XL & Ladies and Kids 4 to 16


Kangaroo Pocket Hoody Full Zip

Kangaroo Pocket Hoody Full Zip

Mens Sizes to Small to 5XL

Ladies and Kids Sizes 4 to 16

22 Colours

320 gsm Poly Cotton Fleecy Hoodie

35% Cotton & 65% Poly
Kangaroo pocket –  two pockets divided by the zipper

*All Colours are now available in 4XL and 5XL except  Brown, Hot Pink, Khaki, Pink and Snow marl.*

Maybe you would prefer no zip – check out Kangaroo Pocket Hoody Mens, Ladies and Kids Sizes


Kangaroo Pocket Hoody Full Zip Size Charts
Kangaroo Pocket Hoody Full Zip Size Chart
Measurements are in centimetres
To get your half chest measurement – get a shirt that fits well now – lay it flat and measure straight across the front about 2-3 cm under the sleeves – match to the closest size and you should be right 















Colours available

Azure, Black, Bottle, Brown, Coral, Dark Marle, Emerald, Gold, Grape, Grey, Hot Pink, Khaki, Lime, Maroon, Navy, Charcoal, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal, Sky Blue, White


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Successfully surviving cold requires two simultaneous events. Firstly, generating sufficient body heat by burning food and secondly, preventing the loss of that heat by suitable clothing and shelter.

The lowest temperature that can be endured is a combination of the duration and the extent of the exposure, so it is not easily determined. A naked person will start to feel cold if the surrounding temperature drops below around 25°C (77°F). Physiological responses such as shivering and diverting blood away from the extremities and surface of the skin will then kick in.

These physiological responses mean that a reasonably well nourished adult can maintain their core temperature in still air just above freezing point wearing only light clothing, though they will feel cold and shivery.

Normal human body core temperature is 37°C, 38°C is a fever making you feel very uncomfortable and 40°C is life-threatening requiring immediate medical intervention. Below normal temperature, at 36°C you will start to shiver and feel very cold, by 35°C the cold feeling is very intense, the skin may feel numb and have a blue/grey tinge as a result of diverted blood flow. The range of  body core temperatures we can function properly within is very narrow. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that most people go their entire lives of many decades without once leaving the normal zone by more than a couple of degrees either way.

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White, Black, Navy, Grey Marle, Brown, Red, Sky Blue, Pink, Khaki, Emerald Green, Gold, Coral, Lime, Grape, Azure, Hot Pink, Charcoal, Bottle, Maroon, Royal, Orange, Dark Marle


S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16