Full Zip Polar Jacket




Full Zip Polar Jacket to 5XL

Full Zip Polar Jacket

Lots of Blokes tell us they don’t want to wear a Hood – so we think these might do the trick

Warm, easy care and not too heavy

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FULL ZIP POLAR Jacket – $55 -Small to 5XL


  • 100% Polyester for durability
  • 290gsm low pill polar fleece
  • Two front pockets
  • Adjustable elastic hem with toggles
  • Urban Fit



1. Because they spend so much time in the ocean, polar bears are classified as marine mammals. The polar bear’s scientific name, Ursus maritimus, means “sea bear.”

2. Polar bears evolved from brown bears to survive in extreme northern environments.

3. Polar bears are the largest terrestrial predator on the planet, with large males standing more than 11 feet (3.3 meters) tall on their hind legs and reaching weights over 1,700 pounds (770 kilograms).

4. Unlike black bears and brown bears, polar bears do not hibernate during the winter months because that’s when sea ice forms, which the polar bears need to hunt seals.

5. When necessary or playing, polar bears communicate with each other with grunts, growls, roars, or squeals. What does a polar bear roar sound like? We hit the streets to pose this simple question. Hear what people had to say:



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