Elastic Waist Boardies for Big Blokes




Elastic Waist Boardies- Perfect for Summer

Elastic Waist Boardies – Perfect for Summer and these ones are perfect for the Big Bloke

Exclusive to Aussie Blokes Clothes with generous sizing and very quick dry

Side pocket – Elastic Waist with a drawstring – very lightweight

Check the Size Charts as these are a little different – 5XL will work for a 7XL Bloke too and maybe a little more

Colours to suit Aussie Blokes and Kiwi Blokes and Camo for the Weekend Warriors

If you prefer a Tie Waist or need them a little smaller check these ones to 48 inch 

Elastic Waist Boardies Size Charts
Elastic Waist Boardies Size Charts




The Evolution Of The Great Aussie Board Short

Much like surfboards, the length of board shorts waxes and wanes. Here’s a brief guide to the history of the iconic swimming trunk.

It may seem like the male swimming costume hasn’t evolved as much, or as frequently, as the endless silhouettes and options that exist for the fairer sex. But that’s not entirely true.

Over history, the male swimming costume has been transformed from something that can only be likened to a child’s romper, to the elongated straps and tight package of Borat’s man-kini.

To step on the beach is to become an eyewitness to the various trends that have rocked swimming and surf culture but there is more to these looks than simply how much – or little – is left to the imagination.

These changes were political, informed by the societal expectations of men and women. Then there were the technological developments which saw swimwear actually adopt a practical form, you know, one that allowed people to actually swim and not be crippled by groin chaffing or fabric that weighed so heavy they inevitably found themselves on the ocean’s floor.

Of all the styles that have graced our beaches, one reigns supreme – the board short. It has cemented itself as an Aussie staple, beloved by surfers, amateur wave catchers and beach-goers alike. But just how did the board short come to be the trunk of choice? And what preceded this uniform?




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Aussie Blue, Silver Fern, Camo


2XL, 3XL, 5XL