Crystal Tie-Dye Tee – to 7XL




Crystal Tie-Dye Tee

Crystal Tie-Dye Tee – to 7XL

Not as Hippy-fied as  the normal tie dye – and this is an excellent quality Tee to go with it.

Made for the US market so check the size chart and allow 10 days for despatch


Individually hand dyed, each tee is as unique as the one wearing it.

  • 155 gsm
  • 100% cotton
  • Rib knit collar
  • Back neck tape

The tie-dye process infuses each garment with unique character.

Please allow for slight colour variation.

Entity Size Charts to 4XL
Entity Size Charts to 4XL


















Crystal Wash Technique

This is a form of “low immersion” dyeing that results in a sharp distinct crystalline looking pattern. Unless you have teeny buckets, this works best with an adult tee or larger garment or piece of fabric. Basically, whatever you are dyeing, you need a container small enough that it will be a tight fit when scrunched in. The pattern will usually be more distinct than “low immersion” or “baggie dyeing”, where the fabric is looser. There are great instructions for traditional low immersion dyeing that many quilters prefer in the book Color by Accident by Ann Johnston. It is excellent! She goes into gradation so that you can dye many squares of fabric from light to dark, or from one color to the next. Another great book on low Immersion dyeing is Tray Dyeing by Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn. This book also comes with a DVD showing the techniques.

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Black, Black/Red, Black/Teal, Lemon Lime, Purple, Sky Blue, Teal, True Royal