Classic Flannelette Shirt to 11XL


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Classic Flannelette Shirt

Classic Flannelette Shirt

A Winter Classic for Home or Work and these ones are stylish enough for Going Out too

Cosy, Comfy and a true Winter necessity – Sizes Small to 11XL – Everyone needs a couple of Flannos

With a pair of Trakkies – You got Winter covered  –


Long Sleeve
2 Pockets
Full Button
100% Cotton – Double Brushed Flannel

You will find that these shirts get cosier and comfier the more you wash them – just like Nana’s sheets back when

We make these shirts available all year round because Australia is a big diverse place Mate – Please be aware that we may need a few extra days to get your chosen colour to you during Summer months

Quality Flannelette Shirt-

Just a step up from the cheapies you might see.  Generous Sizing and very snuggly – Better get one for Mrs Bloke too – she will want to wear this shirt.

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ManLand: the one about Aussie men’s fashion crimes


I am, you are, we are … Australiannnnn!

With January 26 on my mind I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and create a hit list of crimes in Australian men’s fashion. You may not agree, and that’s fine but I’d love to know what you think.

The flanno

A nice chequered shirt should be a staple in any Australian man’s wardrobe. There is great versatility and it can be easily dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion and the weather conditions. But when it’s worn to death and without any sense of style, the chequered shirt quickly becomes a flanno and the uniform of the bogan – both the traditional and new–age, cashed-up varieties.

The singlet

Another victim of being loved too much by all the wrong people is the singlet; Whether it is a faded blue “Jackie Howe” (named after the famous Queensland sheep shearer of the 1800s), the Bali Bintang special or some garishly logo-ed number worn by a young punk at a music festival.

Footy shorts

The classic accompaniment to the flanno and the singlet is a pair of footy shorts. Designed to be worn on the football field, these shorts all too often appear down at the shops or at the beach being strutted around by a bloke who just doesn’t care what he looks like, or wants to make a statement about just how “tough” he is.

Southern Cross tattoos

Not clothing, but still a fashion piece of sorts and a personal hate of mine. Once upon a time wearing the national constellation was just about being patriotic. But with every other feral in the place jumping on board, nothing screams trashy bogan louder than these five stars inked across your chest, or back, or calf, or anywhere for that matter.

Sluggos/ budgie smugglers

Whatever you want to call them, men’s swimming trunks have a very specific niche in wearability … for swimming! (Ed’s note: and preferably as a ripped member of the Australian men’s swimming squad).  That means it’s not ok to wander around in them when you are not swimming, showing everyone just how much, or how little, of a man you are. Put some shorts on please.

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