Chef Neckerchief – Colours




Chef Neckerchief – Colours

Chef Neckerchief – Colours

  • Available in black, royal blue, navy blue, red or white
  • 100% Cotton
  • 160 g
  • Soft
  • Lightweight
  • Pre-tested for strength and durability
  • 107 cm long, 56 cm wide
The Neckerchief is the perfect up-market accessory, adding class and style to the back of your house. Choose from five comfortable and fashion-forward styles and give your chefs the elegant accent that will make them feel great!



Why Do Chefs Wear Chef Neckerchiefs?

Chefs wear neckerchiefs to help them stay cool in warm kitchens. This piece of fabric absorbs sweat and prevents it from dripping into the dishes being prepared, so it can help your commercial kitchen stay sanitary. Additionally, chefs can untie their neckerchief to mop their brow or other areas on their face when conditions are especially hot. While neckerchiefs have a practical purpose, some establishments may also require this accessory in order to complete their kitchen staff uniform.

How to Tie a Chef Neckerchief

  • How to tie a neckerchief - step 1 - lay flat1.Lay your neckerchief flat on a surface.
  • How to tie a neckerchief - step 2 - fold in half2.Fold it in half to make a rectangle. If your neckerchief is tringular, match the pointed edge to the straight edge.
  • How to tie a neckerchief - step 3 - fold into a thin strip3.Repeatedly fold the rectangle along the long edge to make it into a thin strip.
  • How to tie a neckerchief - step 4 - keep one side longer4.Drape the strip around your neck, keeping the right side longer than the left.
  • How to tie a neckerchief - step 5 - wrap around short side5.Wrap the long side of the strip around the short side, ending with the long side on the left and the short side on the right.
  • How to tie a neckerchief - step 6 - bring end up and through knot6.Take the long end up and behind the knot. Then, pull the long end down through the knot.
  • How to tie a neckerchief - step 7 - tuck ends inside knot7.Bring the two short ends up behind the knot, and then tuck them into the same space where you pulled the end down in the previous step.
  • How to tie a neckerchief - step 8 - straighten8.Straighten the knot so that it sits comfortably.


If you’d like a solution to keep your neck cool while working in the kitchen, a neckerchief is a great option for you. Once you master the tying technique for this classic chef accessory, you’ll be ready for busy meal services in a hot environment.

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Black, White, Navy, Royal, Red