Chef Jacket – Short Sleeve


Chef Jacket- Unisex Style – Comes with 10 Buttons – These ones just to 4XL but look for out other styles to 7XL – Never trust a skinny Chef ????

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Chef Jacket – Short Sleeve

Chef Jacket – Short Sleeve

  • 65% Polyester for durability, and 35% Cotton for comfort
  • 245gsm drill fabric
  • Mandarin collar
  • Double breasted
  • 10 interchangeable buttons
  • Two pen pockets on sleeve
  • Classic Fit

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Traditional Origins of the Chef Jacket 

The chef’s uniform we are so familiar with today was originally sketched by the world’s first celebrity chef, Marie-Antoine Carême, in 1822. In his sketch titled, “Le Maitre d’Hotel Francais,” two chefs stood next to each other, each donning white hats, double-breasted coats, and aprons tied around their waists.

It wasn’t until 1878 that the uniform became en vogue. Angelica Uniform Group started mass producing the outfit, making it readily available to chefs everywhere. Auguste Escoffier, the creator of Brigade de Cuisine and our school’s namesake, was the first to standardize the uniform. The chefs in the restaurants he managed in London were all required to wear the new chef’s uniform.

Auguste Escoffier, known as the “King of Chefs and Chef of Kings”

While the history of the chef’s uniform has included some changes and modernization, the outfit still closely resembles Carême’s sketch. Today, the uniform consists of a white hat, double-breasted coat, pants, and an apron around the waist.

Each of these articles of clothing holds great symbolism and versatile function to the chef wearing it.

A Brief History Of The Chef’s Uniform

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