Chef Jacket Buttons – Get two packs so you don’t run short again!


Chef Jacket Buttons – Interchangeable buttons come in a set of 10 pcs.

Black, Hot Pink, Red, Gold, Silver, Royal, Burgundy and White

You probably should get two packs so you don’t run short again!


Chef Jacket Buttons

Chef Jacket Buttons

Interchangeable buttons come in a set of 10 pcs.

Chef Jacket Buttons.

Pack of 10

Black, Hot Pink, Red and White

You probably should get two packs so you don’t run short again!

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History of the Chef Uniform


While white may seem like a terrible color for a coat that is continuously under attack from sauces, the color is used to signify a position of power, cleanliness, and perfection. Escoffier knew that patrons needed to be reassured that their food was safe to eat and there was no better way to show that the food was prepared in a pristine environment than to revive the white jacket from Carême’s sketch. Along with looking sharp, the white color is great at deflecting heat, which is helpful when surrounded by stoves, open fires, and ovens.

Escoffier also made changes to the jacket featured in Carême’s sketch. The buttons were redesigned as French knots to allow for faster removal if you spilled something hot on yourself. The French knot design also help keep the buttons on the jacket and not in your dish.

Lastly, the double-breasted design also allows a busy chef to quickly switch the stained side to an alternate clean side when meeting guests, and these days ensures photo-readiness for a ‘Gram with food influencers. #foodporn.


Escoffier also changed the pants from Carême’s original design. The black and white houndstooth pattern was popular at the time and is still used to hide the spills and splashes of the more animated chefs.


Like a cape for your legs, the long, full apron is primarily worn for safety. The apron is designed to take the main impact of any hot liquid, which can be quickly and easily removed to protect your legs.

Throughout the years restaurants have changed; baseball hats, bandanas, and colorful coats and pants have replaced the tall hat, white jacket, and checkered pants. Despite these changes in the look, the history of the uniform connects today’s chefs with those who have cooked before them.


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Black, Hot Pink, Red, White, Gold, Silver, Royal, Burgundy, Yellow