Big Sarong or Aussie Bloke Kilt?




Big Sarong or Aussie Bloke Kilt?

Big Sarong or Aussie Bloke Kilt?

The Ultimate in Summer Casual – Big Enough for the Big Blokes – Comfortable, Cool, Practical

Don’t knock it  till you’ve tried it!!!!

These are a great cover up for a day at the beach, pool, the couch or wherever else your heart desires.

Sarong measures approximately 2.3M x 1.15M on fringed lightweight rayon.

We know they fit THE Aussie Bloke at 195 cm and 130kg – this is one item where One Size Really does fit Most

Don’t forget Mrs Bloke – she will love the extra fabric in these compared to ‘normal’ ones at the Hippie Shops

Perfect with an Hawaiian Shirt 



After your Aussie Bloke Kilt is delivered come back here for some ideas on tying your sarong

Tying A Sarong

It is not as complicated as it may seem. All it takes is a little practice.

One of the most common and easiest methods is to tie your as a skirt around your waist. However, sarongs can be utilised to make quick dresses, shawls, swimsuit cover-ups, and much more. Some of these ideas are covered in the sections, below. Read the steps, view the images, and you will be a tying expert before you know it!

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Sky Blue, Royal, Olive, Navy, Lavender, Fuschia, White, Yellow, Red, Lime, Tie Dye Rainbow, Tie Dye Pink, Tie Dye Green, Tie Dye Blue, Flouro Pink, Flouro Yellow, Flouro Green, Flouro Blue, Brown Cheetah, Black Cheetah, Rainbow Cheetah