Bamboo Sport Ped Socks – Size 4 to 18


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Bamboo Sport Ped Socks


Bamboo Sport Ped Socks – Work a Treat on Smelly Feet – Up to Size 18 – Loads of Colours – Good for you and just feel great on

Ped Sock. These sports socks are designed to be worn with sport shoes or sneakers and are also available in all the standard school colours to match most school uniforms.

Composition: 64% Bamboo / 28% Tencel / 8% Elastane.

If you prefer a longer sock check our Bamboo Crew Socks 

About Smelly Feet and Bamboo Sport Ped Socks

We have seen the test results of the anti-bacterial property of bamboo compared to the ‘incubating’ performance of cotton (See Anti-bacterial properties). Introduced bacteria on bamboo fabric were reduced to less than 0.2% of the introduced number in 24 hours whilst introduced bacteria on cotton fabric multiplied to 550 times the introduced number, also in 24 hours.
What does this mean?Body odour results from gases produced by bacteria which live on the waste which is exuded from our bodies – sweat and dead skin cells which our bodies give off constantly as a perfectly natural part of living.When a bamboo fibre fabric is worn against the skin:
hhh* 1 – Any moisture (sweat) is immediately absorbed and taken away from the skin
hhh* 2 – The powerful natural anti-bacterial property of the bamboo constantly keeps bacteria populations in check.Some people have much more smelly feet than most because they shed more dead cells from their feet than others or they have specific personal bacteria which give off that offensive smell. Though no less hygienic than others, their feet just pong! We have not found a single customer who has not been instantly cured of this condition through wearing our socks.This same anti-bacterial, anti-body-odour property applies to all our garments made from bamboo fibre.

Bamboo Textiles Australia

Was founded in 2006. We have recently relocated our warehouse to Gympie QLD. We recognized the many benefits of bamboo fibre worn against the skin so we developed products that take advantage of these features.

In designing new products we strive for perfection by rigorous testing before we release a new product to market.

With our customers we strive for fast, reliable service and delivery of orders.

We value loyalty and integrity in relations with our customers and end users, with our primary suppliers in China and with other business partners and within our team.

We have carefully chosen suppliers with similar values. The yarn factory where all our yarn is sourced has a state-of-the-art quality monitoring laboratory, machinery and procedures. All our factories have high grades of Quality Assurance Certification.

We are the innovators in the Bamboo Textile industry in Australia and believe that innovation, integrity and loyalty shows in our quality proven products and long serving retail customers.

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All White, All Black, White/Grey, White/Dark Blue, White/Watermelon, White/Purple, White/Black, White/Maroon, White/Sky Blue, White/Green, White/Gold, Blue/Black, Grey/Black


Mens 4-6/Womens 6-10, Mens 6-10/Womens 8-11, Mens 10-14, Mens 14-18