Bamboo Bath Robe – Pure Luxury




Bamboo Bath Robe

Bamboo Bath Robe–  So Very Luxurious with all the Practical Health Qualities of Bamboo Fabric

Once you start using Bamboo Wear you will never go back to plain old cotton

Incredibly hard wearing – value comes from having a great looking item for many years

Looks great, feels lovely on the skin and you will just love it – add some Bamboo Towels to complete your Bamboo Bathroom 

Sizing is a bit free form

Small Up to 150cm

Medium 150-175 cm

Large Above 175 cm



Bamboo textile fibre is made from bamboo timber which has matured in the forest for at least 4 years. Even in remote areas of China bamboo forests are highly valued and carefully tended and managed. In summer, when new shoots reach their full height, they are marked with a year code which makes sure they are harvested at the right maturity. When harvested they are taken to mills where they are crushed and submersed in a strong solution of sodium hydroxide which dissolves the bamboo cellulose. With the addition of carbon di-sulfide it renders the mix ready to regenerate fibres which are then drawn off, washed and bleached to a bright white colour and dried. The resultant fluff is very long in staple and visibly finer than other fibres. Then they are spun into yarn, like any other textile fibre. The longer staple and higher tensile strength is what makes a tough, soft yarn – which is not as susceptible to wearing and fraying as many other yarns. This is what gives bamboo fabrics excellent durability. The hollowness of the fibre contributes to its very high level of absorbency. But it also takes longer to dry on a clothesline. The hollowness of the fibre also enables it to hold dyes and pigments more readily and permanently, thus making it much more colourfast.

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White, Griffin Grey, Macadamia


Small, Medium, Large