Aussie Bamboo Business Socks




Aussie Bamboo Business Socks

Aussie Bamboo Business Socks to Size 18

Made in Australia Mate!!!

We love Bamboo Socks but love these just a little more because they are Made in Australia and sell for the same price as the imported – Niiiice!!!

Same quality and excellent value – not the colour choice in the also excellent imported Business Socks 

More colours to come but this is a very welcome addition to the range – also there are Extra Thick Work Socks and Loose Top Extra Thick socks to help with circulation

Please send us your feedback on the new style – the manufacturer is keen to get it right before adding more colours etc

Sizes 4-18 and only Black for now


With various restrictions still in place around the country, the Australian Made Campaign is calling on all Aussies to remember the people behind their purchases and show their continued support for Aussie manufacturers and growers by looking for the green and gold kangaroo logo.

Australian Made Chief Executive Ben Lazzaro said it continued to be a challenging time for local makers and growers, with many states recently experiencing various levels of lockdown.

“With continued COVID-related disruptions, many local businesses are hurting. By calling on Australians to buy Australian, consumers can be sure that their products will not only be made to some of the highest quality and safety standards in the world, they will also help to deliver certainty for local growers and manufacturers, creating local jobs and economic activity whilst strengthening our local manufacturing capabilities. Our support is key to ensure these businesses not only survive but thrive into the future,” said Mr Lazzaro.

Approximately 13 million people have been in some form of lockdown in recent weeks, with different stay-at-home orders in place in South Australia, Victoria and parts of New South Wales.

“Australians are aware of the value that buying Australian brings to the economy. Choosing locally manufactured goods and locally grown products helps to support our local communities and support Aussie jobs. As a result, people are starting to think more in terms of value than simply product price.”

According to Roy Morgan Research, almost all Australians (99%) are aware of the Australian Made logo and 92% trust the trademark certification as an identifier of genuinely Australian Made products. 97% of Australians associate the logo with the support of local jobs and employment opportunities, 95% with safe and high-quality products, 89% with the use of ethical labour and 78% with sustainability.



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Mens 4-6 (Womens 6-8), Mens 6-10 (Womens 8-11), Mens 10-14, Mens 14-18


Black only for Now