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Oi! Oi! Oi! Its our 5th Birthday today.

Australian Flag Towel

G’day Mates

Its our 5th Birthday today and we are very Proud.

The last year has been a roller coaster ride for all of us – the highs, the lows and now that dizzy feeling as you climb off the ride and decide whether it was worth it?  Will you have another go? 

That was where we were 5 years ago – Lets have a Go!!

Let’s see if there are other Blokes out there looking for comfortable clothes that actually fit them.  Clothes that represent Quality, Value and Fit for Real Blokes from Small to 10XL+.  Decent Gear at a Decent Price that Actually Fit. 

We searched for those clothes and we searched for the Blokes that wanted to wear them. 

We found ‘em. 

We started with a Market stall and then a small shop.  We got a little website made. 

Now……. We have a very successful store that operates in Gladstone, Central Queensland – Bloke Central!  Locals have really supported us, and we have tried everyday to find the gear they asked for.  We worked hard and we had some great staff to support our efforts.  Now with over 120m2 full of great clothes that Real Blokes want every day we look ahead to where our next stores need to be to help more Blokes into the gear they really want.  Not overpriced specialty store clothes that have the right label but do not actually fit most – think shirts with arms too skinny to be comfortable or shorts not big enough to work with those thighs that you picked up from years of playing footy.  This is a safe space for you and your Keg – with a real choice. 

Now …….Our website competes with the best of them.  Lockdowns gave a lot of Blokes and the people who shop for them – the time to find us and get some clothes that helped them through a pretty rough time – we sold thousands of Flannos and Trakkies.  It was hectic and supply chains were completely disrupted and delivery services were overwhelmed. Unfortunately, we were not always able to offer our best service but for most it was OK because we were All in This Together and we spoke with lots of Aussies who were just trying to make the best of the situation. We spoke to some very lonely people and hopefully helped there too – its not just about selling lots of clothes for us. The last few months have seen our website sales explode and lots of repeat customers.  Now we are sending gear to NZ too and love helping our Kiwi Mates.  We have thousands of items to choose from on our website and many more to come. 

We decided very early on that our business would be Independent – no Amazon or eBay and the other players.  We do not listen to every expert who thinks they know our business and wants to tell us how we are doing it wrong because we know that the way we do it works. 

Our store in Gladstone is a Men’s shop – not all that pretty but very practical and the sort of place a Bloke feels comfortable – we like to think of it as a Man Cave. 

Our website is the same – no big pretty pictures and amazing flashy offers. 

We decided from the beginning to work with lean and honest pricing – every day a good price.  You will never find us offering 70% off or some other offer that shows that prior to this special price you were being ripped off.  We don’t have time to be sending you emails about some made up  special on items that are only available in one small size.  Anyway, who reads marketing emails these days?  Over it!

Our site is meant to be simply and easy – find what you want, pay for it, and get on with your day – a supermarket style rather than some flashy, all dancing photo fest where its too hard to find what you want – most of our customers are in and out in just a couple of minutes.  No pop ups.  No first order discount.  No begging for your business.  Decent Gear at a Decent Price that actually Fits is what we proudly offer. 

So where to from here? 

The last year has really shown us how much Aussies want Australian Made and in 2021 we can finally see a path to making more of our own clothes.  Weekenders Shorts are selling like hot cakes and our Workers are starting to gain a following.  This year we will be manufacturing more lines built on the comfort and easy fit of Weekenders – think Long Weekenders in Winter, Weekends at the Beach by next summer, Short Weekenders for those who look for a shorter style short.   Cargos and Denim Shorts are on the list too.  We plan a range of Undies that work for Real Blokes up to 10XL.  We have plans for Shirts that really are easy to wear and look good too – not just keep you covered.  We are planning to open more shops but it’s a hard one to decide on and an expensive exercise, so we want to make sure we do it right.  Let us know if you think your town should be next?

We will continue to sell other suppliers’ offerings with our continued insistence on Ethical Supply Chains and a preference for Aussie Owned companies. This creates lots of Aussie jobs from warehouse operators to admin assistants to the local postal and courier people that move all this stuff around and many more indirect jobs created.  Our business now employs 7 people – this makes us very proud.  We hope by this time next year there will be quite a few more. 

So, this is us 5 years into Having a Go! 

We have a strong and profitable business both instore and online.  We have grown incredibly over the last year especially and are amazed and very thankful for the support we receive for our little independent Proudly Aussie Owned business.  We plan to be making clothes in Australia and more jobs for Aussies.  We plan to open a few more stores but not sure where yet. 

Thanks Mates – Happy 5th Birthday from Paul and Fiona

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We’re all in this Together

Keep calm

We’re all in this Together

G’day Mate

Bugger of a time for the whole world.  ‘Unprecedented’- is an understatement. 

But with an attitude of co-operation, care for your own and wider community, kindness, patience, staying factually informed and advised- we can get through this. 

We are living the Big 4 – Wash your hands…. alot, keep 1.5+ metres apart, cover every cough and if you are crook… stay home.   

We are all in this together- locally, nationally and worldwide. 

We can keep our shopfront open and will continue to do so until advised not to. 

We are meeting Blokes everyday who got a new job and need new clothes for that or are stuck in this town and not able to go home because of restrictions so they don’t have enough socks & jocks.  Someone in our shop this morning said we had given them Hope and that makes it worthwhile.   

We are operating because we want to help our local community.  We’ve been told that every job is essential – so we are here doing our job every day (except Sunday and that Easter break is looking soooooo good). 

Its never been a better time to have a squiz at our website.  If you don’t see what you want, we can probably get it so drop us an email or a message and we’ll do what ever we can to make it happen. 

Over the next few weeks we will add some extra winter gear – comfy stuff that works for staying at home and those long days on the couch or in front of the video conference. 

We have always been about comfort …. check our Weekenders for absolute comfort all year round. 

So, look after yourselves and your family.

Do what you can for others.

Stay calm and She’ll be Right Mate!

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Happy 4th Birthday from Aussie Blokes Clothes

Happy 4th Birthday-Our First market stall March 2016

G’day Mate

Thank you.  We are 4 years old and could not have done it without you. 

Happy 4th Birthday from Aussie Blokes Clothes

From a personal quest to find some decent clothes at a decent price that actually fit – The Aussie Bloke was born.  We knew you were out there looking for the same clobber – we are meeting new Aussie Blokes everyday who appreciate what we do. 

We hear stories every day about the frustrations and pains to find clothes that fit if you are not a Small, Medium or Large, if your waist is over 110cm, if you are sick of low quality gear that washes away after 5 wears, about fat shaming in other shops because ‘they don’t go that big’, about clothes that fit maybe but only in Black, Navy and Grey. 

We also hear stories about Blokes feeling isolated and excluded because they do not have a lot of clothes or can’t fit the Dress Code.  They stay home and miss out on family and social functions.  Their self esteem is battered.  Some wear the clothes they do have to shreds and then are embarrassed further just to go out and shop for more. 

Aussie Blokes Clothes have got you covered Mate.

There is something so nice about a Bloke in the change room who hollers out – ‘Oi!  this is too big – that never happened before’.  We all have a bit of a laugh and get the next size down.  Out he comes looking and feeling like a Supermodel.  The shirt fits, we know the quality is there and he can’t believe the price. 

That’s what we are here for. 

We make it easy for Real Aussie Blokes to feel good about themselves by providing the Casual and Workwear they want with a focus on Quality, Value and Fit.   

So here we are 4 years in, and business is good.  Our shopfront in Gladstone Central Queensland goes from strength to strength.  In the last year we have upgraded our store with new racks and a mass of new stock.  New ranges have brought us sizing equivalent to 14XL in other stores.  The colours and range of good honest basics is great now.  New suppliers are approaching us, and we are happy to knock them back if they,  have inferior fabric and finish or charge a premium because they have high advertising budgets or do not go to at least a 5XL – it’s all about Quality, Value and Fit!!! We let our Gladstone customers give us feedback on new products to ensure they are working for Real Aussie Blokes.  We think of this city as Bloke Central and a great testing ground – thanks to the locals for supporting us and telling their Mates.  If you are a local and haven’t dropped by yet – Come and have a squiz – let us know if there is something you are looking for – we can probably get it. 

Same goes for our online customers.  Drop us an email, give us a call – always happy to answer questions.  We are also happy to work with you on sizing as we are aware of how variable the labels on different brands can be.  Some of our clothes are made for the US market and so you need to drop back a couple of sizes or more sometimes.  If you make a purchase and it doesn’t fit just let us know as soon as possible and we can arrange exchange or refund.  We are building our online offering and have some new gear coming over the next few weeks.   

Weekenders – The Most Comfortable Shorts You Will Ever Wear are now keeping 100’s of Real Blokes (and sometimes Mrs Bloke) company on the couch, down the road and sometimes at work all over the country.  We are working on our next line – Workers Shorts.  A rugby style short to take the place of the old Icon brands you used to love – but with our signature Quality, Value and Fit.  As we will only ever Manufacture in Australia it does mean that the price will be a little higher but if it means we can offer your kids a job in the future we hope you agree that it’s a good investment. 

Again – Thanks Mate – for helping our business to survive and grow while so many of the big retailers are falling by the wayside.  We think we have a formula for longevity and plan to be here for many years to come. 

Happy 4th Birthday from Aussie Blokes Clothes

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G’day Mate











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Aussie Blokes Clothes – The story so far…..

Aussie Blokes Clothes – The Story so far..

G’day Mate – We are Aussie Blokes Clothes

We make it easy for Real Aussie Blokes to find the clothes they want to wear – at a decent price – in sizes that actually fit them – our business runs as a shop front, online and we have started Australian made manufacturing operations.

After Paul had another experience of not being able to find a shirt that fit, we started to question if perhaps he was not the only one.  We started to research and people watching – in shopping centres, events, city malls, regional centres. –He was not the only one – we saw many men stuffed into clothes that did not fit them – or so big they looked like maternity wear.  We started looking into the brands available and finding styles that appreciate the proportions of the substantial man – The REAL Aussie Bloke

Anecdotally we found that the Aussie Menswear Industry is suffering from neglect and abuse – it is tired and disinterested.  Once popular stores closing everywhere – think Roger David and Ed Harry’s

We looked at the former champions in the industry – Stubbies, King Gee, Billabong, RM Williams – what happened to them?

So, we decided to become the HERO that the Aussie menswear industry needed –

Here is an Aussie Bloke – We feel confident that even he has trouble finding gear to fit when he is not wearing his custom-made armour

So, as we gathered information, we knew that we needed to test our idea with real Blokes.  We started a market stall that we took to weekend markets in many locations- suburban and regional markets around South East Queensland – and Central Queensland –

We were getting such good feedback we opened a shop and got our website going

All the time talking with Aussie Blokes and the people who shop for them – we have literally spoken to thousands of people – they wanted what we wanted – Quality, Value and Fit

The shop went well in Northern Brisbane, but we chose too small a space and could not grow the shop as we wanted. – We couldn’t find affordable space and decided to see if online only would work. 

It mostly did but got too hard to manage out of our spare room that became 2 & 3 rooms – so we found a great spot in Gladstone and opened our current store in the Valley Shopping Centre.  The response from Gladstone has been excellent

We have gone from this

…… this – and see continued growth

Running our business online only gave us time to look at manufacturing – we had already noted a gap in the products offered in the Aussie menswear industry

We developed our Weekenders shorts – we wanted to create the MOST COMFORTABLE Shorts you will ever wear – and we seem to have succeeded. We have sold hundreds of them now and get continuous feedback on how great they are to wear. We have had one pair returned as faulty and replaced them immediately – that customer went on to buy 4 more pairs,

We are very proud to say that 100% of people – for women too – who try them on buy them – They really are the most comfortable shorts you will ever wear – in sizes to fit 80 to 180 cm waist – just in black for now – with more colours coming soon

These shorts are 100% Australian made – from Paul’s design, to the Technical side of pattern making to the fabric – to the people who put them together – ALL Aussie Made

We are proud of these shorts and our future designs – we have had industry experts laugh at us for insisting on Aussie Made – perhaps we can offer their kids a job one day?

We are proud of these shorts and our future designs – we have had industry experts laugh at us for insisting on Aussie Made – perhaps we can offer their kids a job one day?

Aussie Blokes Clothes – The Story so far…… Where to Next ?

Aussie Blokes Clothes today offers a great range of sizes from XXS to 10XL + In men’s casual and workwear

We have strong relationships with some of Australia’s biggest suppliers with some already working with us to present bigger sizes in their current ranges

With our commitment to Excellent customer service – Our shop and online sales continue to grow

Our Brand is gaining its own Identity – Aussie without being Bogan – inclusive – easy going- We have a very strong social media presence with a strong following especially on Facebook – recently we were proud of an exceptionally good month with over a million views on our page

Lots of training and experience give us confidence that our business knowledge, systems and practises are compliant and current and scalable

We love our business and work at it full time – every day

After 3 years we are totally committed to the success of our business We love it – We live it

We believe we have created a strong and solid foundation for Aussie Blokes Clothes to go to the next level and we are looking for partners on this road to HERO-Dom

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Its Our 3rd Birthday – Thanks Mates

Shop23012019 (002)

Its Our 3rd Birthday – Thanks Mates

Three years ago, we decided to help Aussie Blokes into Clothes that are decent quality, a reasonable price and actually fit them because after a lifetime of experience we knew those clothes are not easy to find. 

Since then we have spoken to thousands of people who have told us we are right. 

 On January 26, 2019 our business will be 3 years old.

The support, interest, input, knowledge, fun and gratitude we have received since then are priceless. 

Starting with a 3×3 market stall, a handful of Polo shirts and buckets full of passion we have now progressed to a 170m retail outlet/ distribution centre.  From one supplier we now have access to some of the biggest menswear brands in Australia and can access just about anything that a customer may request.  From Sizing Small to 5XL to Infants up to 10XL is some brands.  From a Facebook profile of close family and friends only to a record month in December where we were in front of nearly a million people. 

Our true aim is to create the clothes that our customers are looking for.  Clothes built to a Real Bloke frame – not the skinny leg, badly proportioned, microfibre, cheap as chips offerings available now.  We want to manufacture in Australia and have been laughed at for it.  Manufacturing in Australia is not cheap and not easy – but we are determined.  We have made a start with our Weekender Shorts. 

Our Weekender Shorts fill a real gap in the market.  Real Blokes are loving them.  We can honestly say that 100% of Blokes who try them on – buy them.  Many insist on wearing them home once they have them on. 

On Christmas Day just gone we had a very happy moment late in the day as we pictured perhaps hundreds of men around the country – sitting back and enjoying the day – comfortable and content in their Weekenders.  Nice!

Over the coming year we intend to extend the colour and size range in the Weekenders.  Sizing will be 80-180cm – covering up to a 2m waist – in comfort.  New colours will be available soon too.  Then we will work on some shorts to Work in. 

As always – Tell us what your want.  Tell your Mates.

We are committed to Quality, Value and Fit for Real Aussie Blokes and the Best is yet to come. 

Its Our 3rd Birthday – Thanks Mates

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Merry Christmas Mates

Merry Christmas Mates

Please have a Happy and Safe Christmas

Get your online orders in before 17 December to ensure Santa can deliver on time and Online Gift Vouchers available up to Midnight on Christmas Eve. (

We will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day


Hope you have had a great year – we have and thanks for the warm welcome Central Queensland

The new outlet in Gladstone has been growing and in just a few months we are very happy with how well Aussie Blokes Clothes has been received locally.

As the year ends we are excited to be able to look forward to our Third Birthday on 26 January 2019.  So keep checking in for some Blokey Birthday presents.

As always please let us know – email or phone – if there is something you are looking for and can’t find it on the site – we can probably get it and if not we will look for you.

Thanks Again for a great year Mates and looking forward to a bigger and better year in  2019



Merry Christmas Mates

Paul & Fiona – Aussie Blokes Clothes


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Christmas Gift Vouchers Now Available

Christmas Gift Vouchers Now Available

Ever wondered what happened to that shirt you bought him for Christmas last year?

Have you seen that look of appreciation for the lovely gift followed by the ….. ‘I will try it on later’?

He is a bigger size and anything over a Large looks big enough to you?

Sometimes its hard to know what size or colour they may want – sometimes you just left it too late.

Aussie Blokes Clothes can help

We will return your voucher to you via email – to print or forward to him – with a year to spend it.

We are available via phone or email. We will help with any questions about a choice that will mean he gets something that fits and suits him.

Let us know who your Voucher is to and from in the notes section when ordering. Let us know if a special message can be included.  If you need any further information just give us a call or email and we will get back to you  ASAP. We are working up until Santa arrives – and Christmas day is our only day off .

And you won’t be wondering about what happened to that shirt last year?

(Hint – have a look at the back of the wardrobe. We know a lot of Aussie Blokes have a little pile of clothing there that was never gonna work)

Christmas Gift Vouchers Now Available – in values of $25/$50/$100/$200

Cmas gift cert

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Merry Christmas Mate -From Aussie Blokes Clothes

Merry Christmas Mate

Merry Christmas Mate

Already?  Where did the year go?

The Aussie Blokes Team would like to thank you for your support this year and hope we can keep on bringing you the gear you need – in sizes that fit – with good prices and decent quality – into 2018 and beyond

If your family and friends ask you what you would like for Christmas – just send them to Aussie Blokes Clothes.   In the next few days we will have Gift Vouchers available with values at $20/$50/$100.  We will send these to you via email and this makes a very easy – even last minute – gift.

Or perhaps you are looking for some Summer gear to get you through the Festive Season?  Contrast Polos come in some very appropriate Christmas Colours –  Red with White contrast plus a heap of other great colours  – up to a 5XL and just a little more Stylish than our Standard Polo – On special now at $25.

While we are always available and happy to take the time to chat through our products with you to ensure you get what you need – many of our suppliers are closed from 22 December to 2 January.  So if we do not have the stock there could be a delay on your orders of nearly two weeks.  Not ideal for us either but its Christmas for them too!

Merry Christmas Mate

Thanks for making this a great year for us and look forward to more of the best value Aussie Blokes Clothes in 2018