About Us

Aussie Blokes Clothes is about Quality Value Fit – getting decent clothes that fit every time you buy – in sizes for all Blokes but especially  if you do not suit the standard department store or even unreliable sizing offered by ‘specialty stores’.

Most Men’s clothes today are aimed at “Avatar” like figures with a slim fit.  Many larger sizes are aimed at men who are short and have a large waist measurement.  If you are tall, big across the chest and arms, shorter than average or just don’t fit the bill  …..  And looking for a relaxed fit – the options are generally not all that attractive or overpriced.  Choice is low.  Imports are not often manufactured to the dimensions that really apply to an Aussie Bloke or our Kiwi Cousins.

There is an Aussie Bloke Weekend Uniform – all year long, all ages and sizes, suitable for most situations, through all seasons ……  Shirt, shorts, thongs, and in winter add a Hoodie

Watch this space as we bring you an easy one stop shop for Real Aussie Blokes – tell your Mates too

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