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We’re all in this Together

Keep calm

We’re all in this Together

G’day Mate

Bugger of a time for the whole world.  ‘Unprecedented’- is an understatement. 

But with an attitude of co-operation, care for your own and wider community, kindness, patience, staying factually informed and advised- we can get through this. 

We are living the Big 4 – Wash your hands…. alot, keep 1.5+ metres apart, cover every cough and if you are crook… stay home.   

We are all in this together- locally, nationally and worldwide. 

We can keep our shopfront open and will continue to do so until advised not to. 

We are meeting Blokes everyday who got a new job and need new clothes for that or are stuck in this town and not able to go home because of restrictions so they don’t have enough socks & jocks.  Someone in our shop this morning said we had given them Hope and that makes it worthwhile.   

We are operating because we want to help our local community.  We’ve been told that every job is essential – so we are here doing our job every day (except Sunday and that Easter break is looking soooooo good). 

Its never been a better time to have a squiz at our website.  If you don’t see what you want, we can probably get it so drop us an email or a message and we’ll do what ever we can to make it happen. 

Over the next few weeks we will add some extra winter gear – comfy stuff that works for staying at home and those long days on the couch or in front of the video conference. 

We have always been about comfort …. check our Weekenders for absolute comfort all year round. 

So, look after yourselves and your family.

Do what you can for others.

Stay calm and She’ll be Right Mate!