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Happy 4th Birthday from Aussie Blokes Clothes

Happy 4th Birthday-Our First market stall March 2016

G’day Mate

Thank you.  We are 4 years old and could not have done it without you. 

Happy 4th Birthday from Aussie Blokes Clothes

From a personal quest to find some decent clothes at a decent price that actually fit – The Aussie Bloke was born.  We knew you were out there looking for the same clobber – we are meeting new Aussie Blokes everyday who appreciate what we do. 

We hear stories every day about the frustrations and pains to find clothes that fit if you are not a Small, Medium or Large, if your waist is over 110cm, if you are sick of low quality gear that washes away after 5 wears, about fat shaming in other shops because ‘they don’t go that big’, about clothes that fit maybe but only in Black, Navy and Grey. 

We also hear stories about Blokes feeling isolated and excluded because they do not have a lot of clothes or can’t fit the Dress Code.  They stay home and miss out on family and social functions.  Their self esteem is battered.  Some wear the clothes they do have to shreds and then are embarrassed further just to go out and shop for more. 

Aussie Blokes Clothes have got you covered Mate.

There is something so nice about a Bloke in the change room who hollers out – ‘Oi!  this is too big – that never happened before’.  We all have a bit of a laugh and get the next size down.  Out he comes looking and feeling like a Supermodel.  The shirt fits, we know the quality is there and he can’t believe the price. 

That’s what we are here for. 

We make it easy for Real Aussie Blokes to feel good about themselves by providing the Casual and Workwear they want with a focus on Quality, Value and Fit.   

So here we are 4 years in, and business is good.  Our shopfront in Gladstone Central Queensland goes from strength to strength.  In the last year we have upgraded our store with new racks and a mass of new stock.  New ranges have brought us sizing equivalent to 14XL in other stores.  The colours and range of good honest basics is great now.  New suppliers are approaching us, and we are happy to knock them back if they,  have inferior fabric and finish or charge a premium because they have high advertising budgets or do not go to at least a 5XL – it’s all about Quality, Value and Fit!!! We let our Gladstone customers give us feedback on new products to ensure they are working for Real Aussie Blokes.  We think of this city as Bloke Central and a great testing ground – thanks to the locals for supporting us and telling their Mates.  If you are a local and haven’t dropped by yet – Come and have a squiz – let us know if there is something you are looking for – we can probably get it. 

Same goes for our online customers.  Drop us an email, give us a call – always happy to answer questions.  We are also happy to work with you on sizing as we are aware of how variable the labels on different brands can be.  Some of our clothes are made for the US market and so you need to drop back a couple of sizes or more sometimes.  If you make a purchase and it doesn’t fit just let us know as soon as possible and we can arrange exchange or refund.  We are building our online offering and have some new gear coming over the next few weeks.   

Weekenders – The Most Comfortable Shorts You Will Ever Wear are now keeping 100’s of Real Blokes (and sometimes Mrs Bloke) company on the couch, down the road and sometimes at work all over the country.  We are working on our next line – Workers Shorts.  A rugby style short to take the place of the old Icon brands you used to love – but with our signature Quality, Value and Fit.  As we will only ever Manufacture in Australia it does mean that the price will be a little higher but if it means we can offer your kids a job in the future we hope you agree that it’s a good investment. 

Again – Thanks Mate – for helping our business to survive and grow while so many of the big retailers are falling by the wayside.  We think we have a formula for longevity and plan to be here for many years to come. 

Happy 4th Birthday from Aussie Blokes Clothes