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Aussie Blokes Clothes – The story so far…..

Aussie Blokes Clothes – The Story so far..

G’day Mate – We are Aussie Blokes Clothes

We make it easy for Real Aussie Blokes to find the clothes they want to wear – at a decent price – in sizes that actually fit them – our business runs as a shop front, online and we have started Australian made manufacturing operations.

After Paul had another experience of not being able to find a shirt that fit, we started to question if perhaps he was not the only one.  We started to research and people watching – in shopping centres, events, city malls, regional centres. –He was not the only one – we saw many men stuffed into clothes that did not fit them – or so big they looked like maternity wear.  We started looking into the brands available and finding styles that appreciate the proportions of the substantial man – The REAL Aussie Bloke

Anecdotally we found that the Aussie Menswear Industry is suffering from neglect and abuse – it is tired and disinterested.  Once popular stores closing everywhere – think Roger David and Ed Harry’s

We looked at the former champions in the industry – Stubbies, King Gee, Billabong, RM Williams – what happened to them?

So, we decided to become the HERO that the Aussie menswear industry needed –

Here is an Aussie Bloke – We feel confident that even he has trouble finding gear to fit when he is not wearing his custom-made armour

So, as we gathered information, we knew that we needed to test our idea with real Blokes.  We started a market stall that we took to weekend markets in many locations- suburban and regional markets around South East Queensland – and Central Queensland –

We were getting such good feedback we opened a shop and got our website going

All the time talking with Aussie Blokes and the people who shop for them – we have literally spoken to thousands of people – they wanted what we wanted – Quality, Value and Fit

The shop went well in Northern Brisbane, but we chose too small a space and could not grow the shop as we wanted. – We couldn’t find affordable space and decided to see if online only would work. 

It mostly did but got too hard to manage out of our spare room that became 2 & 3 rooms – so we found a great spot in Gladstone and opened our current store in the Valley Shopping Centre.  The response from Gladstone has been excellent

We have gone from this

…… this – and see continued growth

Running our business online only gave us time to look at manufacturing – we had already noted a gap in the products offered in the Aussie menswear industry

We developed our Weekenders shorts – we wanted to create the MOST COMFORTABLE Shorts you will ever wear – and we seem to have succeeded. We have sold hundreds of them now and get continuous feedback on how great they are to wear. We have had one pair returned as faulty and replaced them immediately – that customer went on to buy 4 more pairs,

We are very proud to say that 100% of people – for women too – who try them on buy them – They really are the most comfortable shorts you will ever wear – in sizes to fit 80 to 180 cm waist – just in black for now – with more colours coming soon

These shorts are 100% Australian made – from Paul’s design, to the Technical side of pattern making to the fabric – to the people who put them together – ALL Aussie Made

We are proud of these shorts and our future designs – we have had industry experts laugh at us for insisting on Aussie Made – perhaps we can offer their kids a job one day?

We are proud of these shorts and our future designs – we have had industry experts laugh at us for insisting on Aussie Made – perhaps we can offer their kids a job one day?

Aussie Blokes Clothes – The Story so far…… Where to Next ?

Aussie Blokes Clothes today offers a great range of sizes from XXS to 10XL + In men’s casual and workwear

We have strong relationships with some of Australia’s biggest suppliers with some already working with us to present bigger sizes in their current ranges

With our commitment to Excellent customer service – Our shop and online sales continue to grow

Our Brand is gaining its own Identity – Aussie without being Bogan – inclusive – easy going- We have a very strong social media presence with a strong following especially on Facebook – recently we were proud of an exceptionally good month with over a million views on our page

Lots of training and experience give us confidence that our business knowledge, systems and practises are compliant and current and scalable

We love our business and work at it full time – every day

After 3 years we are totally committed to the success of our business We love it – We live it

We believe we have created a strong and solid foundation for Aussie Blokes Clothes to go to the next level and we are looking for partners on this road to HERO-Dom