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Its Our 3rd Birthday – Thanks Mates

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Its Our 3rd Birthday – Thanks Mates

Three years ago, we decided to help Aussie Blokes into Clothes that are decent quality, a reasonable price and actually fit them because after a lifetime of experience we knew those clothes are not easy to find. 

Since then we have spoken to thousands of people who have told us we are right. 

 On January 26, 2019 our business will be 3 years old.

The support, interest, input, knowledge, fun and gratitude we have received since then are priceless. 

Starting with a 3×3 market stall, a handful of Polo shirts and buckets full of passion we have now progressed to a 170m retail outlet/ distribution centre.  From one supplier we now have access to some of the biggest menswear brands in Australia and can access just about anything that a customer may request.  From Sizing Small to 5XL to Infants up to 10XL is some brands.  From a Facebook profile of close family and friends only to a record month in December where we were in front of nearly a million people. 

Our true aim is to create the clothes that our customers are looking for.  Clothes built to a Real Bloke frame – not the skinny leg, badly proportioned, microfibre, cheap as chips offerings available now.  We want to manufacture in Australia and have been laughed at for it.  Manufacturing in Australia is not cheap and not easy – but we are determined.  We have made a start with our Weekender Shorts. 

Our Weekender Shorts fill a real gap in the market.  Real Blokes are loving them.  We can honestly say that 100% of Blokes who try them on – buy them.  Many insist on wearing them home once they have them on. 

On Christmas Day just gone we had a very happy moment late in the day as we pictured perhaps hundreds of men around the country – sitting back and enjoying the day – comfortable and content in their Weekenders.  Nice!

Over the coming year we intend to extend the colour and size range in the Weekenders.  Sizing will be 80-180cm – covering up to a 2m waist – in comfort.  New colours will be available soon too.  Then we will work on some shorts to Work in. 

As always – Tell us what your want.  Tell your Mates.

We are committed to Quality, Value and Fit for Real Aussie Blokes and the Best is yet to come. 

Its Our 3rd Birthday – Thanks Mates